Based in Berlin for nearly a decade, "Tha Vegan Baker" is a Black woman, born and raised in South America. Vegan since 2003, her sweet teeth became a passion project initially to attend her own demand for desserts, after adopting a vegan ethical way of life. In 2010 she attended a 10 weeks Basic Baking course at "Maria Ruth Junqueira" school in Curitiba, and in 2017 a 3 days Master Class Workshop with the renowned pastry chef Toni Rodriguez, in Barcelona. 


She already worked in a couple of vegan restaurants, bistros and Cafes in Europe and South America.


In 2020  she was featured by www.stylist.co.uk as one of the "13 dreamy Instagram accounts dedicated to nothing but beautiful cakes".


Now in 2021, she is writing her first recipe book, to show people how easy it is to live vegan, not excluding the sweet part of life. The book release, an independent publication, it will be released next summer around July. 


"I've been baking for 18 years, so since I've been vegan. My passion for baking cakes began along with my motivation to be an ethical vegan. After becoming vegan, I wanted vegan sweets options and in 2003 wasn't that easy to find it.


So I started baking to meet my personal needs and to show people that being vegan is possible and delicious."